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"If you seek dental care provided with caring, comforting attitude and a passion towards good health and being treated fairly and professionally, I highly recommend Dr. Kyra Chadbourne and her kind staff. My situation is unique due to residual complications from necessary and successful cancer radiation treatments, and having more than my share of contact with many healthcare professionals in recent years, again, I can not recommend Dr. Chadbourne and her team more highly. With appreciation and respect thanks to my care to date."

- Bob W. 8/10/16


"I started going to Dr. Chadbourne about one year ago after she took such great care of my father's teeth. She made him happy to smile again! I've never felt more comfortable at the dentist than with Dr. Chadbourne. She takes the time to really see what you need and goes out of her way to make you comfortable and happy with your visit. "

- Carie G. 2/3/16

"We're new to the area and my 5 year old daughter and I just had our first visit with Dr. Chadbourne. We needn't look any further for a great dentist! It was a relaxed but productive and educational visit. Our teeth were so invincibly clean afterward we tested it by flossing with licorice and brushing with soda that evening. Our teeth still sparkled the next day. Looking forward to seeing you in 6 months Dr. Chadbourne. (We might need the visit.)"

-JH 2/4/2016

"I have been having TMJ issues for about 3 years...loud ringing and pressure in my ears. In the 3 years I have seen at least 7 different types of drs. to try and fix my painful condition but, to no avail. Dr. Kyra knew exactly what was the cause of my TMJ issues. I am starting to feel the best I have felt in years. She is in the process of making me a mouth guard to wear at night for my TMJ and mild sleep apnea so, I won't need to use my CPAP machine anymore. I'm sure glad I found you Dr. Kyra! Can't thank you enough."

-Jonathan S. 1/18/2016

"I came in as a new patient after not seeing a Dentist for a couple of years and I was extremely impressed with my experience. Dr. Chadbourne was very extremely informative and her exam was thoroughly detailed. I especially liked the modern and state of art equipment, like her ability to bring up my x-rays on the wide screen TV in front of me to discuss. Within the first 15 minutes I was completely at ease and confident in the professional care I was getting. I am very happy I have found Dr Chadbourne while she is still taking new patients. Though I have never been a fan of going to the dentist office, I have no doubt she and Becky will do everything they can to make it a near enjoyable experience!"

-Ethan O. 01/06/2016

"Dr Chadbourne opened her practice a year ago, and I have been her patient pretty much since she opened. I love her patient, caring demeanor. She is truly interested in your dental care as well as you as a person. There is no feeling of her practice being a retail operation, as many offices have become. I feel appreciated, and I know I am in very capable, able, expert hands. She is from the Greater Portland area, and it is very comforting to know I have found my dentist for years to come and am supporting a local practitioner. I urge anyone seeking a new dentist, for whatever reason, to join me at Falmouth Dentistry. Excellent dentist, caring practice and staff, wonderfully inviting environment, welcoming personalities! Thanks to Kyra and her staff for making this experience enjoyable, every time! "

-Peter L. 12/10/15

"I just brought my two children, ages 15 and 12 to Falmouth Dentistry as new patients last week, as I felt their previous dental office was quite impersonal. And to our delight, Dr. Chadbourne's office is the complete opposite of impersonal. Both Becky and Dr. Chadbourne made all of us feel very comfortable throughout the process and even gave us a check in - follow up call the next day - which just happened to be Thanksgiving!! They go above and beyond. We are very happy with our switch over to Falmouth Dentistry. I highly recommend this office!"

-Karen 12/3/15

"I was referred by my wife and had not been to the dentist in quite a while, I had a great experience, and look forward to my next visit. Great customer service, tv by the dental chair. Who knew going to the dentist could be such a positive experience. This should be your dentist if you are reading this. “

-Jason K. 11/16/2015

"Recently I scheduled a visit to Falmouth Dentistry for a cleaning. My first surprise was the ease I had in getting an appointment. As the practice is new times are now available for appointments making scheduling a breeze. To my delight I had Dr. Kyra Chadbourne clean my teeth and spend over an hour with me. It was a rare time to get to know the good Doctor and to have my teeth cleaned and accessed by a actual Dentist! She was informative, practical and very pleasant. I found the experience empowering as she made positive suggestions about my current and potential dental care. This was a pressure free experience that was enhanced by the new facility and pleasant staff. If you are looking for emergency care, or a long term dental office, I would recommend Falmouth Dentistry"

-CB 11/10/2015

"I am a new patient with Falmouth Dentistry and was very impressed with my first visit. The office is very welcoming and feels as though you're in a spa. Dr. Chadbourne was extremely thorough, professional, and friendly. The staff kept me comfortable during my entire visit and I'd highly recommend Falmouth Dentistry to anyone looking for a new provider. Thanks again!"

-KO 11/09/2015

"Wowsers! Am I impressed with Dr. Chadbourne and her very able Assistant, Becky! I am a new patient, went for a checkup and cleaning. An hour later, with a just fine checkup, and no-discomfort-squeaky-clean-teeth, I am a regular patient for life. GREAT experience! Come one, come all ..."

-Mikelle C.

"A few months back I visited your beautiful office. Not only was I impressed by the gorgeous space, but the equipment was top of the line and the staff was so welcoming! I completely forgot about the raffle I entered and was surprised this week with a free yoga pass! Thank you Dr. Kyra Chadbourne"

-Stephanie Gildart 4/15/15

"Over the course of two appointments, I had some challenging dental work done by Dr. Chadbourne. She called after both appointments to make sure I was doing ok. Not many dentists do that and it was greatly appreciated. Thanks Dr. Chadbourne!"

-J Roland Burgess 2/6/15

"Becky was very helpful and pleasant. Dr. Chadbourne has a very personable and professional demeanor. Treatment options were explained thoroughly and the visit was great!"

-Carl Jordan 4/3/15

"The atmosphere is very pleasant and inviting. Very clean and comfortable. The technology is was way too advanced and so much more user friendly. Dr. Kyra made my visit so relaxing. She was , extremely, informative on what she was doing, all I need to do for the health of my teeth and, so, thoroughly, informative with my ex-ray and examination! I am a very pleased patient!

-Albert Cyr 03/27/15


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